Buy crypto with fiat

Easy, fast, secure

Select Buy/Sell Crypto tab

How to buy crypto with fiat

You can easily buy with your MasterCard or Visa, or even with Global Bank Transfer (SEPA or SWIFT), here is how it works.

Fiat to crypto


Choose currency

Choose the fiat you want to buy your crypto with and choose the crypto you wish to buy.


Make the payment

Make the payment using your credit card or use one of the available transfer systems.


Receive crypto

Enjoy the Coinvertlly magic. We’ll find the best possible rate, buy the crypto, and send them back to you in a few minutes.

How to sell crypto for fiat

The process is pretty similar to buying crypto with fiat, but in this case you send us the crypto and we’ll deposit your fiat.

Coinvertlly Crypto to fiat


Choose currency

Choose the crypto you wish to sell and the fiat you want to be paid in.


Make the deposit

Deposit the cryptocurrency you chose to sell in the provided address.


Receive fiat

Enjoy the Coinvertlly magic. We’ll find the best possible rate, sell the crypto and send you fiat.

Coinvertlly Limitless

Limitless exchange​

Swap any coin to any other coin. Start from less than $2 and swap as much crypto as you want – there is no upper limit

Non-custodial platform

Coinvertlly retains your privacy and guarantees security. We are a non-custodial exchange service:

Coinvertlly Key
Coinvertlly Keys

Your keys, your coins

We do not hold custody of your coins. We simply convert them for you.

Coinvertlly Secure

Maximum protection

Our handy service is designed for secure exchanges. All transactions have the highest level of protection.

Convertlly Network

Reliable exchange

Our service provides only reliable operation - we guarantee the quality.

Convertlly NoKYC

Fully anonymous

All our users do not have to worry about the safety of their personal data. We provide complete anonymity*.

*KYC is mandatory on fiat to crypto/crypto to fiat transactions